Society transfer of flat or old owners legal harrasment

Namaste all advocates, My dad has purchase one flat from auction from bank. Have all the legal documents, submitted required documents to society but they are refusing to transfer flate on my name. Even given them registrar order for transfer. Society official are for to the old owner who is bankrupt. Always providing our information to him. Old owner and bank have case in DRT, so society is asking us, that they will not transfer till case results out. Now registrar order thst old owner has put for revision before joint registrar against us, also had prayer that we are in illegal possession of flat, n we have taken registrar order keeping him in dark about the DRT case, perhaps order given by registrar clearly mentioned that if the court has given order that auction cancelled then society will gv the membership to old member. He is bankrupt n don't want to pay the loan but just harrasing us by doing all these. We are not so much financially sound that every time could pay fees to lawyer, as bank is passing through financial crises they are not able to help us. My dad is retired person with age 67yrs. Bp and diebatic patient he is. Society has ego that why bank is not sending them letters not calling them else y we had not asked them before purchase of said flat and so. In DRT his case is filed with his company name and for revision he has filed with his personal name against us. As we are unknown to him. Kindly guide thanks.