Mental harassment by mother in law and husband

I got married in dec 2018. My mother in law has been creating issues between me and husband. Gradually my husband and mil started mental harassment to me. After five months of marriage my husband snatched my gold bangles and rings from my hands and abused me. He took all my gold ornaments from almirah in my absence which I received as gifts after marriage from relatives. The next day they asked me to go to my parents house for a week as they have to attend a wedding. I packed a few clothes in bag considering I would come back after a week. Now it's been nine months they are not allowing to come and live at their house. When my parents tried to contact them to meet at their house they denied. Now husband says he don't want to live with me and his mother wants mutual divorce. My all the belongings including my expensive clothes , furniture given by my parents, etc are at their house. Mother in law is not allowing me to go their house and collect my belongings. Once said they will send my things to me. Now after so much of lies and betrayal, not sure whether they will send any or very few just for the sake of sending. I want to collect my belongings myself so that i could get all back. Kindly suggest the procedure for this.