Wife filed Domestic Violence Case

I got married in january 2013. My wife and me both worked in delhi at that time, she is from allahabad and I am from lucknow. After marriage we rented a flat. We used to have problems because she used to blame me on petty issues and had a very high temper. We used to be fine for a month and then one day she finds an issue like why you came late, why you had drinks and it was like she is living in hell allover. This confused me. She used to ask for divorce but I setteled. Mid last year I lost my job and since long my parents living alone in hometown were facing ill health so I decided to look after them and famiky business. I knew she will never go there as she talked ill about them to me and at times also said she will never go to small town. So I suggested her to continue job and I will maintain the flat and devide my time with her and parents by being a few days here and few days there so her demands are kept fullfilled. She initially agreed but later left the job saying she is looking for new one and then used to stay most of the time at her hometown. This happened about 2 months then I went to bring her fir festival she faught again and said she is leaving me and wants divorce finally. I tried but she was stiff at her decision. So she went to her home and after 10 days while I was not there came with her father and took the all the things from flat except a,bed or two and shifted sone place else. Since then we didnt had any contact. Now after 9 months she has filed a Domestic violence case and I have just received the notice. I never hit her or abused her ohysically or verbally even durings fights she used to shout and I didn't... infact I am ashamed to say I was in so much pressure from her family and our mutual relatives that I was afraid of her and didnt tell all these things to my family at that time. I am in much distress and fear my already old and ill parents are not able to bear the blow. Please help me by guiding me in this case in legal terms