Regards to ancestral property

Hi sir or madam, In 1995 there was a partition among 4of them in family. A schedule for my father in law, b schedule for mother in law C schedule for my husband brother and C schedule for my husband. When my father in law died his portioned properties were not equally shared in family instead most of the property was taken. By mother inaw few to my husband brother only one property to my husband which doesn't have way to go that property. Unfortunately it was registered and signed by all. Post my husband death I understand that the property does not have way and the partition was not done equally in 2014. Now my husband is not there he died in 2017 the in law family had ditched me out from their home. Is it possible that I can ask for equal share for my husband as the partition was done in favor of my mother in law and my husband brother. Also whether I have rights to claim my. Mother in law partition property asking my husband share init. Trust she was written her all property to my husband brother. So I need to know any loop holes to get my husband share in his mother partition. Kindly help