Seek Legal advice for inter-religious marriage against the famili

Sir, We are Dheeraj, 26, Hindu-Punjabi from, Delhi and Saima, 33, Muslim, Delhi. We want legal advice and help for fight against any harassment from the Family and Social evils as our marriage is inter-religious and age-difference is the concern in our relationship. Let us first brief you about our relationship: We are in love and relationship more than 9 years, when I was 17 year old and she was 24, she was in my school as Computer teacher, since I was minor and immature. The relationship was disclosed to our families, due to pressure threat and fear of breaking up our relationship. We both ran away from our home and spend more than a week together away from home and when we caught and returned back, the issue were sorted out at police station and it was mutual sorted out by both families that we will not meet to each other in future. But in 2009, we suddenly met again and our relationship continues again secretly from society and family. By the time, our love relationship goes strong and mature, In last month May 2015, we finally did Court Marriage from Ghaziabad SDM court but still hide our marriage from our families and society due to family issues, personal problems, and social threat. But, we feel it’s now right time to disclose our relationship and marriage to our families and society as we both our self independent and working couple. we both working in Government Sector ( on Contract basis), I am Graduate, doing M.B.A and working Central Govt, and Saima is Post graduate, did B.ed and working in Govt. of Delhi. Hence we required your help and advice on the same. Firstly want to know following point: 1. How we should tell and disclose our relationship to our families and convince them. 2. Should we inform first to local police/ACP office/DCP office/court for protection as we have life threat from our families. 3. How we can protect us legally or socially from any kind of threat from our families.