Do grandson&grandaughters have rights on grandfather's proper

Respected sir/madam, I am a younger daughter-in-law in a family of three brothers. we have a property of 8 acres in annaram village on our father-in-law's name. we took a joint bank loan on my husband and mother-in-law's name by mortagaging the property. now our father-in-law passed away. After he passed the property is being transferred on our mother-in-law's name. now my husband who run a poultry business based on bank loan is on a loss and have to sell two acres of land. sir, we have two children one boy&girl. sir our property documents are still under the bank and not yet distributed among the brothers. now my in-law's are saying that my husband's share of 2 acres is getting under loan and the remaining 1/2 acre will be given to him. sir we being taken the loan on a joint property in a family will my children do not have any rights to fight for the property of their grandfather, if yes, please tell me the process to be followed. Infact the loan belongs to the entire family's approval on a joint business.