False dowry case

Hi, Me, my parents and my sister have been charged of Dowry Harrassment under 498A and 3&4 of the DP act. I live abroad. After filing a false case, my wife reached back to USA and filed a divorce petition under "Irretrievable break down of marriage" We both subjected ourselves to the jurisdiction of USA and were granted divorce. I am also paying alimony to her in $$$s. My questions are: 1. Can mutual divorce in a foreign country initiated by the wife be used to quash the pending 498A case back in India? 2. There are no clauses in the divorce that she will withdraw all cases against me back in India. Can i still attempt to quash the case since it was initiated by my ex wife in USA after filing false 498? 3. I am aware irretrievable breakdown of marriage is not recognized under hindu Marriage law but since we both presented ourselves to the USA jurisdiction will Indian judiciary system still accept this divorce? 4. The compliant is vague in general. How long does a quash petition takes since it is quite evident my ex wife has malafide intentions as she wants to make the best possible use of laws of both the countries?