Query regarding protection order , interim relief , matrimonial suit and 498a/406/506

I have been a victiom of domestic violence and have been staying at my parental home since 05.08.2018. No FIR was lodged at that time as we waited for an amicable settlement and only an information was given to the police authorities. NO GD was lodged by them with the excuse that such cases are for FIR and not GD. Hence, no physical assault was reported at that time. My husband had multiple affairs and such evidences are only available through call records or messages in Whatsapp or FB. I have seen them myself. My husband and in laws have repeatedly emotionally abused and physically assaulted too. They also claimed dowry which I never provided. Such situations left me in depression. No reconciliation efforts were made by the husband or in laws. My husband contsantly asked for divorce within 1 month of marriage. On enquiry I found out his extra marital affairs. I filed for Interim relief and protection order under PWDV under Section 17,18,19,20 and 23 in June'2019 for residing at my matrimonial home. The plea was rejected with prejudice that I am a working woman and apparently I did not seem to be in financial distress. Extremely hurt, I went for an appeal to the appellate authority and the earlier decision was set aside. The proceedinds have been delayed unreasonably and in January'2020 my husband filed a Matriomonial Suit on grounds of cruelty (contested). All allegations are vague and false. this has caused me a lot of agony and pain. I filed for 498a/406/506 after two days of receiving the Mat Suit, as it was completely necessary for justice. However, the police is haraasing me more than the accused and has also hinted at Bribe. I shall not pay a penny to the police for such case as I am the victim and it is a genuine case. The police has sent me Notice Under Section 160 CrPc and I have replied that recovery of Stridhan was not requested as I am waiting for Interim Relief and Protection Order. However, the police seems more concerned about the Bail of the accused and has been pressurising for recovery in spite of my written communication. The police refused to give me a received copy of my letter and I had to sent it by post. After this , the IO has sent me 2nd and third notitce under section 160 CrPc for giving a reasonable time and date for recovery and visiting my matrimonial home. I do not want recovery of Stridhan as I am willing to continue the marriage and not give up under the schematic ways of my husband and in laws. Now, the issue is if I do not comply with this 3rd notice , I shall be liable under Section 174 of IPC. I have resolved to take up the matter with Commissionerate authorities. However, I also understand that serving notice under Section 160 CrPc is the power vested with the IO but in this case why should the complainant be victimised and harrased? What should be the next course of action at my end keeping in mind all the cases mentioned herein.