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Request adv on below points: Background on land: Land use: 20 years back my father purchased the agriculture land 30 km outside Moradabad UP. He converted to commercial land to start put ltd company and manufacture a item on small scale. He died after 4 years of incorporating the pvt ltd company and land. As ROC delhi documents he n my mother owned 50% shares each. Father n mother both were directors as well on the company. My father had no WILL. Upon his death there was working capital loan of 8 Lacs. Which was settled by selling one of our family property. Post 2-3 years of my father death my brother submitted form 32 to ROC change the my father shareholding to his name. However, there are no supporting documents why this shareholding should be transferred to him. Last year my mother and brother have solve the land to someone. Prima facie it looks fraud case. What are my legal options and what documents should I collect from which office and which field of practicing lawyer is best suited to handle this type of cases where company, land and fraud all are involved. I have collected so far: 1. Registry document: my father purchasing from earlier person. 2. Registry document: my mother n brother selling as directors 3. As Company was registered in Delhi so all ROC documents. There are a few gaps easily noticeable. 4. khasra n khatuani: will be collected in coming weeks.