Ex-Parte divorce

I have got married in June 2006 and become a mother in April 2008, nothing was good in my marriage but still I tried to maintain it for the sake of my daughter. But in May 2013 my husband and in-laws beaten me up thrown me out from their home without my daughter, I have got injury in my spine and continuously taking medicines since then. After that both parties tried to patch up 3 times from May 2013 to March 2015 but all in vain. I am living separately since May 2013. After so much of wait and deliberation and I have decided to file a divorce case and harassment case and filed in May 2018. In these 2 years no one has came to Court in any of the hearing, 4 notices has been given to him, warrant has also been issued but has hadn't shown up till date. My lawyer is saying that in next 2-3 hearings I will get the ex-parte decision. What is that means? Will it be valid? Could I be start my life once again after that? What are the consequences of it? I have already wasted my precious 14 years due to this marriage, can's waste any more. Please suggest way out.