Father-in-law threatening to file false dowry case against my parents

Hello Sir, I got married on 2016 and have two kids, one daughter of 2.5 years and one son 8 month old , my wife used to stay with my parents in my native and my father in-law every 6 months once will create some problem and will tell my wife to come to thier home and will call me often and threaten me that he will go and file false dowri complaint and will make my old aged parents who is not physically well and weak to keep in jail and will mention as they are torturing my wife which is false. Also last month very early morning my father-in-law, mother-in-law and his son came to my home in harsh way and trying to beat my father and mother and taking my sleeping kids , his son also came to beat my mother and pulled my father eventhough made multiple humble requests not to take them away and i was working at 130 km distance and early mng i started to travel with fear about my parents and went and told them that i will bring them to their home next day, similarly as said i took my wife and kids to their home and came. Now they are not even bothering and doing all brainwash to their daughter and want to keep seperate home in chennai , but no one is there to take care of my elderly parents as even my elder brother passed away and financially i was the only one person to take care of all , no other sister /brother. Now this makes me mental stress daily in office and seriously depressed a lot , also my parents were depressed a lot. My wife completely listens whatever her father says and staying in their home only not showing my kids also. Kindly anyone help me to overcome this scenario and to save my parents from them and my small kids life also going to affect. Please help me with any suggestions.