Purchased a new bike but in just 18 days engine malfunction happen thrice.

Hello Sir, I have seen your comment on this post and I really need a suggestion. I have purchased a new TVS Apache RR310 on 17th Feb 2020 and in just 18 days I have to deposit the bike to service center thrice for the same issue. As the service center is also not able to fix the issue. At the first time on 24th Feb 2020 in which bike was deposited for a complete day and they delivered the bike in evening but again I had to deposit the bike on the same evening after taking a ride of 5 min and received the bike on 25th Feb 2020. I have asked for documentation but the told me ( Sir its comes under warranty so we wont be able to provide anything and its free of cost.The service manager and the area service head guaranteed me verbally that this issue will not happen again.) But on 6th march at 10 pm same issue occurred engine malfunction and some how we saved our life on highway. Still bike is in service center its been 4 days of submission. I have bought a brand new bike and I don't feel a Brand new bike should give such major issue and I have to visit service center now and then.