Advice on a divorce case running in the court

Dear Sir/Madam I am facing Divorce case filed by my husband for the past 6 years in a Family court. Problem started when I brought my husband's fake marriage biodata of MBA in IIM-Bangalore & his extra marital affairs into light. Then he filed a divorce case on me after exact one year of marriage in 2009 & on the wrong grounds by blaming my character instead. I have mentioned my advocate in my first approach that am happy to divorce him as my marriage was not consummated but I can not accept on the grounds he mentioned about my character & without getting my dowry cash & few belongings back from him. I provided her with all the evidence I had regarding my husband's extra marital affair which he had before marriage, continued during my marriage & after marriage. I followed my advocate & filed a counter affidavit mentioning to dismiss the divorce filed by my husband as it was on wrong grounds. She said once this case gets dismissed then we can file other cases for alimony & so I followed as I am not good with the laws & never realised it will take such a long in the courts. I submitted all the evidences & got them marked in the court such as his IIM-Bangalore letter showing he never did his MBA in IIM-Bangalore, his mobile calls & messages list to that lady before & after my marriage, his bank statement showing hotel bill payment & air travel details with that lady, rental agreement & address where they stayed together, his MNC company letter showing my husband got terminated from the company for a bad conduct of providing fake information to the company which also proves his statement in the main OP of loosing his job because of me is false, RoC department docs showing my husband as a director of a new company which he registered as soon as the interim maintenance orders given by the court which also proves his statement of jobless in the main OP as wrong etc. Whereas my husband did not provide any evidence at all except an online LinkedIn printout showing my working status as HR which was created by him on my name after my marriage. Though I am unemployed, but because my advocate was never present for my interim case to argue & prove above LinkedIn document is fake in the family court or high court & she never submitted my husband's RoC documents in both courts & so they considered only one side arguments & has allotted me only 2000/- per month interim maintenance in family court & extended to 4000/- in high court which I never received from my husband for the past 3 years. Now my case status is at a stage in the family court where my husband's advocate has to do cross but for some or the other reason it is postponing from the past 1.5 yrs. Last week honourable judge appointed commissioner for cross to happen in this week but other side did not turn up & also suddenly my advocate gave a "no objection" to me when I questioned her for not attending my case properly & not pushing other party for cross or for my maintenance from them. Now I am so frustrated with the things happening in the court & need the honourable advocates experience on my side to put things into perspective. So I humbly request the honourable advocates to share your opinion on my below queries to address my issue ASAP. Is it worth to appoint a new advocate at this time & fight case further or end it here? How long it will take to end this case forever? How to get my dowry/belongings back from my husband if I choose to proceed further with new advocate? Am I eligible for a permanent alimony now at this stage from my husband & if so how do I do that? Can it be possible for me to reopen interim case back with my new advocate as I have proper evidence against my husband's working status? I look forward to your response and thank you all so much for taking precious time to read. Best Regards!