Salary / Notice period / Dual employement!

My employer asked me on last working day of month to sign a contract (on a non-judicial stamp paper) which has Non-Compete clause while I am working with his organisation and 2 years after I leave the organisation, and if I breach Non-Compete then I am liable to pay 1 Cr as a penalty.. I refused to sign and he has not paid for it (he has mentioned this verbally to me), I have sent several emails to founder, finance head and HR about asking of not crediting my salary but no response has been given to me.. neither my salary has been credited, after few followups I have resigned and mentioned the same reason in my resignation.. I have stopped going to office and started working from home as I have to save money as I do not know when will I get my salary, wether I will get or not is also a question in my mind and I do not have funds to commute to office and one fine day my email ID has been blocked by the company and I am not able to perform my duties (from working from home).. In such situation - Can I join and start working somewhere else, will my current company treat this as dual employment etc.. what should I do?