Ownership of property

Kcm sold a piece of land at mouza tarapukuria, ps khardah, sub registry barrackpur to kn vide deed no. 1207/1947 (09/08/1947). 'kn who was governed by hindu dayabhaga law died intestate on 17/05/1965 leaving her husband gn as her only legal heir.' gn sold the piece of land in different plots to different buyers by virtue of registered deeds in barrackpore sub registry office in between 1982-1984. the portion mentioned in the 2nd para above appears in all registered deeds of the buyers. the following has come to notice in one particular deed registered in august, 1982. "and whereas though the said purchase was in the name of kn but the consideration money was paid out of the self aquired money of her husband, the said vendor gn and as such, the said smt kn was mere benamdar of the said vendor dr. gn' now my questions are: 1. who was the actual owner of the plot of land smt kn or her husband dr gn on 09/08/1947, the dt of registration of the deed from kcm? 2. is dr gn the absolute legal owner of the land after his wife's death on 17/05/1965 intestate as per hindu dayabhaga law? 3. what would have been the position of the case if kn had a daughter or legally adopted daughter?