Regarding Mental Harassment

Dear Sir/Madam, I need a help from you. Its bit a long story. My friend got married last Month (May 14th 2015). The Girl whom my friend married, she forcefully married to a boy in a court when she was just 19 (according to girl). After that that girl and boy have never talked according to the girl. Now the boy send some photoes to my friend home saying that the girl is his first wife, how can u married. No the scene is that bf of girl is saying that he cant accept that lady and he will blame her infront of everyone. The boy already posted there both pics in Facebook and given abusive comment to my friend status. The boy is not ready to do mutual divorce also, not even wanted to stay with her. He wants to take some revenge itseems. He told if the girl family gives 11lakhs then he ll agree to sign on the mutual divorce. That girl family is so decent and middile class also. So its not possible to pay 11lakhs. So what we have to do now..? We are ready to help to the girls family and ready to accept the girl. Kindly help. The boy is mentally harassing to the girl and family.