Builder not refunding the Advance amount

Hi. I made an investment for an upcoming project from Shriram Proerties in Bangalore. I paid Rs 50K at the time of booking and another 2lakhs within a month of booking. When the builder sent the agreement draft after receiving this Rs. 2.5Lakh, I was not convinced on certain terms and conditions such as: 1) No proper mention of Possession date. They mentioned 2022 for possession on a normal letterhead but not providing the same on agreement . The actual RERA date is 2024 so I am insisting to write 2022 possession in the agreement, not in any letterhead as it appears fishy to me. 2) No mention of UDS 3) No proper mention of penalties if they do not deliver on time. Due to all these, I decided to cancel the booking and asked the CRM team to refund the money I have paid. For almost 6 months, they have neither cancelled the booking nor returning my money. They made me sign the booking form wherein one of the clause says that in case of cancellation, no money will be returned. Honestly, I did not read those TnC in details while signing. But now they are using the same against me and not returning my hard earned money. Its been over 6 months and they have not even started the work. I had no intentions to cancel the deal but it was a completely one sided agreement and that is the reason I cancelled the booking from my end. What should I do to recover the money I have paid ?