Mantainance charges in Apartment

Our Assocation of registration done 1860 karnataka socity registation act In our apartemnt 5 years mantainance charged based Sqfeet Method, Now Assocation changing to Hybrid Method ( all procurement devideding equally or some 80% and 20% calculation) 25 Flats 1 BHK 500 to 890 sft area 60 Flats 2 BHK 950 sft to 1200 sft area 105 Flat 3 BHK from 1200 to 1850 sft area For this changing method afflicting lower sqfeet area flats they are opposing for changing and majority is not there in AGM for them They are raising concerns for 590 sqfeet to 800 sqfeet as per this Hybrid calcuation charges is coming 2550 per month( eariler till this 5 years rs. 2.5 per month * sq feet was method ) now that is costing lowest flats size are need to pay around Rs. 4.6 per month and difference for higher sqfeet flats 1600 to 1800 are also paying 2850 difference is only Rs.250 to 300 even through there flat sized is more they are paying lessor maintainance They are ok for Hybrid Method but costing done in the hybrid method based on feed back of residents Majority owners and implementing in bylaw, and every year present committe wanted increase 2% to 5% increase this point is also ammending in bylaw But majority is 3 bhk and 4 BHK owners in the % always decsion in from that side. How to provide justice to Lessor sqfeet flat owners ?suggest please Return on the 1Bhk or lessor sqfeet flats rental value is 7000 to 9000 eriler mantainan was 1300 but for them now 2500 to 2600 per month ? 100% increase or change due to Hybrid method and hybrid costing done by Assocation and AGM approval taken and there are going implement in bylaw This issue is created lots unhealthy environment and groups created in apartement, fighting, arguments and many meeting happend but Assocation now come to conclusion and annocumned there SGM meeting called final Calcuation it was more burden than eariler discussion amounts to smaller flat owner ( Assocation few members took personally and increased more due to 2 group fightings) Smaller flats owner need pay almost same mantainance only which higher sqfeet flats owner paying. This committe wanted to do Amandement in bylaw ? What can they do for it ?