Hi Dear sir's . please give me a solution for my problem am suffering lot from this . i had a girl friend from 10years and we loved eachother truly we had physical reltionship too we lived like a husband n wife fromthe day 1 we are suppose to marry . unfortunately 2 years back 1 girl entered into my life as a friend even she loved me it came to the notice of my girl friend she used to doubt on me and started iritating me every second . ther was only a friendship .but day by day she became closer to me and she loved me a lot . can cant give my girl friend so i avoided her a lot .again my girl frn started the samething by that i started what she told n made that true .even i had a physical relationship with her .i convinced her and told her to get marry a other guy even she agreed and married on march 2015.she dint even lived for 10 days wid him she came back to me even I dint think what will happen .she was wid me for 5 days .then their parents given police complaint then we caught n they tuk her to home , she s not accepting him as his husband even he is not ready to accept her now .their parents are not ready to give divorce also. she s telling again she will cum bak to me .what ever might be the situation I wont be wid anyone this s her final decision .she wont marry another person also . elz she will die.coming to my girl friend she tried committing suicide 3 times .even their parents are not ready to accept our marriage . whom should I choose ? now My heart s not listening anything m feeling guilty on myself . both are not ready to leave me .should convince them but they are not ready. Please suggest me