How to Transfer tenancy to family Member in Redevelopment Process under 33(7)

Dear Sir, I was residing in a chawl in South Mumbai. It was a private land and cess property. My father was owner of room. After his death, our room directly got transferred to my mother's name and updated in Annexure-II. My mother, me and my 3 sisters are legal heirs. I have paid an amount to my sisters and mother against transfer of property to my name. We have executed NOC, Power of Attorney and Release Deed. All documents are Serial Notary. Now our room is under DCR 33(7) redevelopment process. Old structure is demolished and agreement is not executed by developer for permanent alternate accommodation. I am staying in a Transit Camp allotted by Developer. I am not able to execute any registered document due to 2 reasons 1) property is demolished and not in existence 2) Developer have not executed agreement for permanent alternate accommodation. I want to transfer tenancy to my name and update name in Annexure-II and I want developer to execute registered agreement with me. Please guide me on this. Regards Dhananjay