Anganwadi on Unauthorized/ Illegally encroached Road area

I need guidance on how to go about the following law violation(s) Main Question - Does presence of Anganwadi centre in an unauthorized construction (MCD owned land) make it legal? How and Where all should I complain against this? A bunch of people have encroached and built a pucca room on roadside (in between a slum area). 1. This is MCD road 2. One of the walls of the room is owned by Northern Railways ( The slum area is situated along side a Railway Colony) 3. After encroaching the area, one of the women became Anganwadi Worker She started using the room as Anganwadi Centre, also claiming that she pays rent for the place. Besides, the functioning of Anganwadi is poor. She receives the salary and other allowances under ICDS scheme which is essentially a waste of govt. funds, since nobody is benefitting. Now, she is planning to encroach more land on the side of this room, which is illegal (according to me). More details on Anganwadi functioning: since there is no accountability. She visits the anganwadi for a few hours everyday for name sake, receives food and throws most of it away everyday. The place does not even follow the minimum guidelines required for an Anganwadi like toilet, proper indoor and outdoor space, etc. She has given the room keys to Slum people to sleep in the room at night, which she charges probably. Also, The room is filled with construction material, obviously not a good condition for children who sometimes sit inside.