Tenant filed permanent injuction with false complaints

Hi. We have rented a part of our premises for a commercial shop and when asked to vacate the premises 3 months back for personal use, they have agreed to vacate and not paying rent and the same is being deducted from the advance but now have filed for permanent injuction in the court siting false complaints and are still trying to pay the rent through money order which we are declining since it was agreed to be deducted from deposit. When enquired about the same they have disagreed everything and are telling that they wont vacate the shop and asks us to come to court. We are trying to file a eviction suit as per tamilnadu tenancy act 2017 act but they are contesting that they cannot be evicted for any reason with false complaints and documents with the permanent injuction suit against us. I'm not clear about what will happen now and how long the tenant will be able to continue running the shop without paying rent and also I wanted to know what happens if the court accepts permanent injuction in favor of the tenants.