Regarding ex parte Divorce

Hello Sir/Madam, I filed a case in Kurukshetra family court for Divorce on the basis of adultery because my wife is living with someone else without divorce and having a baby also from that man. When I filed the case she got summons and her lawyer was present in the court. In debate my lawyer said her lawyer in court to present the birth certificate of the baby (which she is having with that man) but they said they will present on next hearing, but she was not present in court on next hearing and her lawyer said that she is ill and Judge gave a next date. And on next date her lawyer came in the court and said to Judge that make this divorce ex parte from my side and Judge made a new hearing and said my lawyer that make avidance on next hearing. So my question is - What is next I can do? If its an ex parte divorce - Is it safe for me or not? I mean - Can she come again in court and challenge this decision that the decision was made in her absence and Is there any article in law through that I can ask Judge to make her guilty or call her for statement. Actually I want that my Divorce should be on truth basis - because after that she can't harass me in future. SO WHAT I CAN DO IN IT? Please help me in this case. Thanks in anticipating