Transfer of inherent property

Father died in 1997 in bus accident left propery (DDA FLAT)without will. Flat allotted to him in 1990. I was residing with my family and mother with him. The legal heirs r one elder brother one widow sister and myself. Mother was interested that the property be in her name till her death. So I kept the property as it is and not transfered in any ones name as verily father has given the property to me. For elderly he gave his jaipur property by way of special power of attorney. I being close to my parents and fulling my mother wishes never interested to get it in my name. My queries 1. Now legally who will be the heirs of property, brother sister and their son daughters. 2. If brother and sister give their shares in my favour, can I get it transfer in my name. 3 I hv already have a DDA cooperative housing society flat in my name and in the affidavit papers to be submit for getting family property transfer in my name they have a clause that I donot have property under DDA scheme. PL guide me.