Problems with unregistered bayana and charges of trespass

We had made a bayana (unregistered) give years ago to buy a residential house and we had paid 900000 out of 3500000 which is the value of the property. The bayana had no time limit as to when the rest of the money to be paid or when they were going to register the bayana. But a year after making such bayana we told the seller that we can not buy the house anymore. The seller told us that he'd give our money back but it's been four years since and no money has been returned. But in the mean time the seller had provided us with keys to the house to keep an eye on it since they don't live here. We are the one who took care of the house, paid electricity bill and all. Now that we're asking our money back, they are refusing. So, last week we moved into the house and said that unless they give us our money back with interest they accumulated over last five years, we'll not leave the house. Now, the seller had lodged a GD against us stating that we broke into the house. Now my question is, what will be the next step for us? Will the police have the power to eject us or arrest us? We just want our money back and no police hassle. Help is very much appreciated.