Second car parking charges

I live in an apartment in chennai. Builder has provided single car parking. Recently i bought a second car. We were parking it in an open space in the apartment. There are many two wheelers in our apartment that are being parked in common space causing hindrance. The association has now said that they will charge Rs 1500 each month for the second car. This was not done through a general body meeting to our knowledge. We were not informed about any meeting to discuss this agenda, nor were given the minutes of any such meeting. Now they insist we pay, otherwise they threaten that the car will not be allowed inside the premises. We enquired about the parking of two-wheelers being parked in common areas, for which the reply was that it will be looked into. But no effort is being made in that regard. 1. Are the association legal in asking us to pay for using vacant available area in the apartment. (The builder himself has provided stilt parking to some and open car parking to some apartments). 2. Can the association pass a new charge without passing through the general body meeting, and are they not supposed to inform the agenda beforehand. 3. If i ask for the minutes of any meeting am i entitled to get it as an apartment owner 4. Can i refuse to pay the amount until two-wheelers are also regularised and park only in the allotted areas (two-wheelers cause more nuisance, i cannot even approach my post box) Thanks