What should i do if my tenant did not paid electricity bill but meter is on my name.

My tenant took my office on lease in 2012 for 1 year . That time he made an agreement for 11 months. I forget to add the clause about who is paying ultility bills. Connection is on my name. My mistake after 2013 i never asked him to renew/make a rent agreement. Everything was verbally. In 2018 oct/nov the meter was remove by electricity company for non payment. later he paid the whole bill in december and told me he will give request for reconnection. But he didnt. My mistake i should have done that by myself because meter is on my name. He left the office in november 2019 By clearing his other bills. I even asked him if he has paid electricity bill he said yes. I have paid him his security by deducting 1500 for last month electricity. One more thing i also asked him to write a letter that he has left the office and i have paid him security by deducting 1500 for electricity for novembee 2019. Now in feb 2020 i got to know meter is removed and connection is permanently disconnected by bses and never restored back after full payment. What i should do now ?