Reservation of female arround 50 % in employment is fit in law

My appeal been dismissed by single judge stating that an unsuccessful participant cannot turn around belatedly to challenge the selection process alleging irregularities in the selection process or even complain of excessive reservation. Though I filed with mention to infringement of right article 14, 15, 16 of Indian constitution I have made an RTI application (17/02/2015) for excessive reservation before notification of Merit list and it reach on the same day when the notification published 23/02/2015 . But engagement of the candidate done on 16/03/2015 I have annexed RTI application letter with receiving proof in my petition. I also perused email communication with receiving reply " action will be taken" before the engagement given to single candidate. But no action taken afterwards . I have filed list of dates as well as Index where I mentioned all relevant dates. But is this can be consider a belated condition? . Please help me advise whether I go for division bench or not ? My case reference is WP 9344 W 2015 Calcutta high court date of judgement is 18/06/2015