Marriage Separation

Hi sir i got married 4 months ago that was a love marriage after 6 yrs of relationship. right after wedding i saw that my husband rarely had any interest in me. he was foing everything fr sake of doing. his mother sister started interfaring in our relationship and he started drinking a lot. i had worst time over there he physically hurt me after drinking in front if her mom so y i had to call my parents at 2:30 am in night as he asked me to leave their house. the moment my parents came both of them started lying. they denied of everything whatever they said and did. but everybody wanted to giv a chance to this relation. but after 2 days he again came drunked and said many things. i was so disappointed and came to my house in nxt morning. i am not going to his house now when i told everything to my parents they r in my favour. his family came to my house they again lied said he never drunked and its me who is in dipression. right after marriage my husbandvstarted saying that u r mad you are in depression not sure why. we work in same office . he warned my mother that now he will do suicide soon. and told me he will not leave me qill do suicide and write my name that due to me he did it. sir i am not living atbhis place only in office i see him but we dont talk. i wanted to know is there harm to me if he commit suicide and give my ir my family name for that? do i need to give any undertakingbto court etc which shows that he warned such thing to me. please help me. thanks