Maternity Benefits

Hi, Reg: Maternity leave benefits My wife had joined a software company called 'Melstar Information Technologies Limited' as a permanent employee. She had been placed to work for IBM as a contractor (but payroll from Melstar). She got selected in Oct/Nov 2014 but they a took a lot of time to take her into work. She finally joined on 19th January 2015. Later we came to know that she is pregnant and we informed the same to her emplyer. She also informed them her intention to work till July last (due date is in Aug mid). They haven't said anything about the leave until many reminders. Finally yesterday(18th June, 2015), they informed her to submit her laptop and others to IBM by her last day (31st July). Didn't mention anything about her maternity leave or her continuity with the company. She then again reminded them about her maternity leave plan. Today (19th June 2015), the employer has informed her that she must work for 240 'working day's to entitle the maternity leave. They again didn't mention whether they're approving the leave as non-paid leave or they're discontinuing her. It looks like they're forcing her to leave her on her own. Could you plesae provide us information about how many days she has to work for the organization to entitle the maternity benefit? In fact, they have delayed much before joining. She did not even conceive when she was selected. I have read online that the minimum days one has to be working for 80 days? Is that correct? If so, does it include holidays and weekends (sat, sun)?