Authorised pension holder

Halo Sir / Madam, My name is shanthi and am from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I have a doubt, pls help me in this regard. I am married in Feb 2011 and I have a 4 yr old son now. My father in law was a govt. employee and he expired before our marriage itself in Nov 2009. Now my mother in law is enjoying his pension which is around 40 to 50,000 pm and other benefits also from Govt. She resides individually at a house bought in her name by our Father in law. My mother in law is having 3 children - two sons and one daughter. All are married and got kids. My husband is the second son nd middle child of the house. Now whats my problem is my mother in law is spending the pension nd other benefits for her elder son nd daughter only, keeping me nd my husband aside as she has a special corner for them. My husband and myself got love marriage which was against my husband's family complete willness. Though we were married in presence of both our elders and relatives and our marriage was performed accoridng to all our customs nd traditions including dowry and other gifts, my mother in law seems to be a little bit disappointed with out marriage as i dont belong to their caste. So I have a doubt that if my mother in law is the only authorised person to take pension nd other benefits from the government nd we dont have any right over them, then if she goes on giving the amounts and the properties bought by that pension amount to my brother in law and sister in law's families means, me nd my family will be put to severe loss nd damage financially. So pls make me clear that whether my husband is having any right of share in my father in law/s pension or the properties bought with that pension amount. I also suspect that my brother in law may please or force my mother in law to transfer the existing house and other properties which are in her name now, to his name by taking advantage of our love marriage issue or something else. If it happens so, can we raise our voice or can we take any precaution before such thing happens??? I will be so thankful to u if u could pls suggest me in this regard.