How to defend fake charges of mental harassment by wife

Hi, I got married on 25.04.2015 at Agra. We came to Navi Mumbai on 17.05.2015. We were staying happily until her family members (specially sisters) started intervening in our married life. I had to ask my wife not to interact with her sisters and communicate with her parents using my mobile phone only. Some days later her father visited my home and found her staying happily. On 13.06.2015 Doctor confirmed that my wife is pregnant. On 16.06.2015 my mother in law came to my house and forced me to send my wife to Agra. I and my parents opposed it due to Doctor's advice to avoid long distance journey till 3 months of pregnancy get complete. On this My mother in law complained (written NC) in Police Station. She brain washed my wife during that night. On 17.06.2015 my wife gave a statement that she is getting mentally harassed by me and my family. She wants to go back to her home and not willing to return to my home. She went back to her home (Agra) along with her mother on 17.06.2015 bringing all her belongings back. We have taken the acknowledgement of her mother in presence of a witness for the jewelry and clothes which she brought back. We have received threatening calls from her relatives also. I am afraid that she can abort the child in pressure of her family there. I would never like to have separation or divorce and want to get my wife back to spend a healthy married life. My wife and her family members have stated that she would not return to me now. We feel that they can file any wrong charges against us. My queries are as follows: 1. Can the court pass an order of separation by only the consent of her? 2. I dont want separation. What steps court / law ca take to save my marriage? 3. What troubles can they create for me and my family members? 4. What preparation should we do to counter these troubles? 5. How can we get the copy of complaint / NC which my wife has submitted in police station? 6. What can I do to prevent her and her family from aborting the child? 7. If they file an FIR under 498, should we go for anticipatory bail from the court of Navi Mumbai? Will this bail be valid for all India as they would file a suit in Agra. What would be the validity of this bail? Note : This is an arranged marriage. Few of the close relatives of Neha threatened me and my parents during the marriage function. One of them said “tujhe chir ke rakh dunga”. When matter got worsen, Neha’s parents gave excuse letter in writing mentioning that this incidence happened and would not be repeated. There would be no interference of Neha’s family in our married life. I had started liking Neha, so I accepted her as my wife. Regards, Amit