Lender is threatening to suicide

I was in trouble due to huge loss in business. A friend of mine helped me at that point of time and has given me a loan. I had clearly explained her that i wont be in a situation to clear her debt. She has agreed to it then, we did not write any documentation in regards to it. Subsequently I joined a call center and started to study CWA again and have been in the Job for last 2 years. I am in final stage of my CWA now and want to go abroad so that i can clear the loan. Recently she started to threaten me that I should pay the loan immediately or should marry her, I told her i cant marry her as i am not even thinking to marry anytime soon. I am barely able to meet my livelihood and my only hope is clearing CWA and getting into a Job. I have asked her for time to clear her dues. She is threatening me that she will die and implicate me. I would like to ensure that my future is safe, I do not want to run away from my obligation. I am sure that within next 2 years i can clear her loan. Please advice