Public passage block by Private landowner to stop my agriculture

Dear sir , I am from Tamilnadu state. I have a civil case. I have a land which i am doing agriculture business since 30 years. But year 2019 , one of my neighbor suddenly block the public passage which is mentioned in map as Government purampokku land. Because of this , my agriculture is stopped , i am unable to drive Tractor, rice plan machines etc. I have almost 1.5 lakh financial loss due to agriculture road block. There were 2 Government road both are blocked by neighbor. Post that, i have filed complaint to Thahsildar and VAO , finally both the fence were removed. Meanwhile that neighbor was damaged one of the road completely. Again i have re-constructed for my passage purpose. Hope my statements are very clear. Now, my question is , (1) i need stay order which he shouldn't damage that road in future (2) I need to know , financial compensation for agriculture loss due to his nuisance activity Please advise what are the possibility to get financial compensation through court and what would be section.