Impotent partner

I got married in Dec 2016 (in India) , since my husband was on a H1 , I travelled with him on a H4 visa. Initial days of our marriage was smooth , except he was not able to consummate the marriage. When we had a small fight and he sent me out of the house in the night , without my mobile and money. I had no idea what to do next as US was new to me. I just sat in pool area of the apartment We were residing in. Before the marriage we had discussed that I will be working in EAD , Once I got my EAD , He verbally accused me of not contributing financially to the family. I took up a job of my liking (I briefly worked as a recruiter, before my cancer diagnose). Meanwhile I kept asking him about the complete absence of physical relation with me. He was not ready to acknowledge the problem and was adamant on not seeking medical help or counseling. He becomes very aggressive even for small things and broke a 75 inch TV. In 2019 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer , I am undergoing the final stage of the treatment now. While I was undergoing the treatment he invested a huge amount of our savings and invested in stocks and lost it , ever since then the pressure for me to work increased , which I was okay with , I told him that I will start after my treatment was over , he mentally and verbally accused me of so many things while I was undergoing chemo therapy. He did not care for me at all during the treatment , he did not even accompany me to many of my chemos. He threatened to cancel my insurance and throw me out of the house while I was Still undergoing chemo.I have zero support from my in laws who just turn a blind eye to all this. My mother was here to take care of me and she was also threatened and humiliated on many occasions. I am emotionally drained now and planning to file for a divorce. I have a few questions , 1)We were married in India but as per California state law a person can get divorce even without the physical presence of partner. As I’m planning to come back to India after my chemo treatment, what can I do if he gets divorce here without my presence. 2)Are there any tests / Proof required to show that the marriage was not consummated ? 3)My parents took care of the entire marriage expense in India , my gold jewels are with my in laws, what are the possible ways to get a compensation from him ? 4. How long would such divorce proceedings take ? Is there any way to fast track the divorce proceedings ?