Purchased a plot with a company which is accused of money laundering.

I purchased a plot in Gosaiganj, Lucknow, U.P in 2014. The name of the project is 'Xhevahire City' from company 'Shine City Infra Pvt. Ltd'. They promised me to deliver the plot under 3 years (after the full payment ). I paid all the amount in installments under two years. After which they alloted me the plot no. (C-57) in 2015. In the same year, I registered the plot under my wife's name. I got the possession of my plot in 2019 with one year delay. When I visited the site in April, 2019, I was informed that they h've only completed the fencing part and need more time for erecting other community buildings. Also, they will allow me to build the house on the plot only if I submit an application to them (to ensure that I'm constructing under the area alloted to me.) This month I got the news that the company is accused for gross violation of UP RERA guidelines (for their other projects). But, they are also accused for money laundering etc for the project I'm connected with i.e. Xhevahire City. According to reports, 600 people ( including me) h've registered their plots and h've got possession certificates, too. But, since the news went out, the CMD of the company h've fled to Dubai and all of their offices are closed. I urgently need some advice on: 1)Since, I h've done my registeration of the plot nd h've got the possession documents, I should go with the company & wait OR register my complaint with UP RERA to get full refund? 2) I had registered the plot under my wife's name but I h've purchased the plot under my name. Will this pose any problem in the legal proceedings? Thank you.