Affixing Encroachment of land with neighbour.

Dear Sir, I am Kishor Mahajan. My address is Village-Devgaon, tal – Chopda, Dist – Jalgaon state- Maharashtra - 425303. With due respect I would like to inform that due to my work purpose I bound to stay outstation in Pune. My old age parents are staying at home they are on their seventies. We are having around 1 – 1.5 acre of land here. From many years I know that our land i.e. in village devgaon, is having land dispute. Actually what happening my land neighbour farmer is very big having acres of land. He is having rich background, every year summer session he put soil from tractors on our boundary and tried Encroachment towards us. A few years ago there had fight with my parent and they badly assault my uncle and he get fractured. Fractured to leg and arm. We went to police and filed FIR against the opposite party. After few years the opposite party get panelise by the honourable court and ordered to sent prison for the year, they appeal in further court. At that time opposite party also file fake complaint against us to the court by the lawyer just to irritated us and case is still in court. But the main reason still not resolved he still tries to encroachment to us by the same way. Don’t know what type of mentality is it. Till date we could not able to protest because my father very introvert type person and not so talkative and afraid from such kind of clash as these people are basically rowdy type. Till date its continues like this. I know that due to jealousy this people are doing this. They want to crock our land. I want to know how we survive in this social condition. How I save my parents and my land as well. Sir, I not a reach person like opposite party, my small land is the only property and the medium of survival. How could I overcome this.