Registration of Villa plot owners association

Hello there, we are planning to form an owners association and take the handover from the real estate devoloper (2 Religious Trusts) in Bangalore. This property is delayed beyond imagnibale time line ( started in 2004-05) and still under devolopment!. luckly the BDA processes are over, however the construction of basic ameneties like walls, roads etc are still pending in some places and we dont think it will get completed in the near future.. If we are not taking over the control with some riders (like ownership of the pending works or maintance etc) this project will never get handed over as most of the owners are abroad/other states or no time ( may be not worried as its a negligible investment for them).. out of 230+ plots we are planning to form a group and register the group legally and fight for handover and maintanance.. Please suggest, whether to go for Apartment Owners association or Society also we need legal support from a real estate expert to protect our intrests..