How to Exit the rent Agreement with lockin in of 6 months

I have a rent agreement with a Lock in period of 6 months. However, within 1 month I have informed for leaving the premises within a month and the possibility of an early closure. Brokerage paid by me and the owner is 8000 each on account of 15 days rent. As per the discussion , owner now wants 2 months lock in plus 8000 brokerage loss since he will have to repay that and look for a new tenant. Here are the T&C Mentioned in the rent agreement. Please advise legal remedies and my stand here if i wish to move out simply without paying a single amount. 15. That this Rent Agreement has a lock-in-period of 6 (Six) months and cannot be terminated by either party. 16. That after the completion of lock-in-period, the Tenant can terminate the Rent Agreement by giving 1 (One) months’ notice to the Owner or the rent in lieu of. Likewise, after the completion of lock-in-period, the Owner can also terminate the Rent Agreement by giving Number of Month(s) months’ notice to the Tenant. 17. That in the event of nonpayment of rent by the Tenant during the lock-in period being in arrears for 2 consecutive months despite reminder issued by Owner on such rent the Owner shall have the right to terminate the Rent with immediate effect and take back possession of the said premises and initiate the legal actions to recover the rent due.