Mismerised and made financial irregularities and mismanagement o

I am an retried govt employee saying with my family in one the apartments, people of apartments members mesmerised and made me to maintain the association responsibility in which they forced me to pore extra money in maintenance and development of the association. When I have shown them the expenses and the collection made, they have not even responded on it. It’s nearly about 67000/-. I have stop payment maintenance, after two year the member of the apartment threat and saying to leave what has happened and to pay the maintenance. I have said no and requested them to finalized my account, at least audit the receipt and mark an extra amount figure. After lot of follow up 2 member have come and done the reconciliation of the account and they say one bill is missing for which every once can see the expenses made. They also involved in financial irregularities and mismanagement which using false language and physical threat. Note: the said association is also registered. What should I do? What are the legal recourse available to me, I urge you all to help me in this regard.