498A - Parents (senior citizens) being harassed for more than 6 years

Sister-in-law filed a false 498A case on family. Parents attended the district court for 6 years and got the justice as nothing was proved against the false allegations filed by my sister-in-law. Now my sister-in-law has reappealled in session court. What can my parents do to end this pain and suffering? What options do they have? Background on case: my brother and sister-in-law are married for almost 10 years. Brother moved abroad after 6 months of marriage and never returned. Sister-in-law's behavior towards parents kept on getting worse with every passing day (because of the frustrations and situation of my brother being away for so long). On other hand, my brother wasn't happy with the relation during those 6 months of time he spent with his wife and decided not to return ever. My sister-in-law filed 498A as the only option she had to take revenge. Every family member is being named under the case. We are 3 brothers all abroad. All are declared Proclaimed offenders for not attending the court. Parents attended the court with hope to get justice and finally they did get it in district court but it was temporary until my sister-in-law filed the reappeal in session court. Please suggest what my parents can do to get out of it. My brother knows the complete situation and flatly denies to return back to India. It is something to with husband and wife but nothing to do with my parents. Why should they suffer? Please help!!!