Neet exam keeping IB students at bay

As you may be aware, IB syllabus doesn’t allow students to take three science subjects. Also, the medicine studies overseas don’t require students to study all science subjects(PCB) to study medicine courses. As of 2019, for indian students to study overseas, qualifying neet is mandatory. While, qualifying neet is understandable but to apply for neet, Physics, Chemistry and biology is mandatory. What would an IB student, who doesn’t want to study medicine in india, do? The students may be willing to qualify neet (even though they will study overseas) but a PCB at grade 12 requirement will disqualify them for applying to NEET. What would such students do? Could we request for some direction in such cases? Could there be a provision of students from IB sitting for NEET even if they don’t have all three science subjects? There can be a condition that such students can’t study medicine in India since indian medicine system requires three science subjects? What legal rights such students have at this stage since the entire group of IB students have been kept away from. Neet which means they can’t go and study medicine overseas. Would be obliged for a revert. Thanks and regards