Double registration of property

I purchased a piece of land in 2005 far outside the city as an investment. Now decided to dispose it out, in the process today, we got to know that the Original seller resold the same piece of land to another party in 2008. So, digging further found on the website that the Property is indeed registered in another parties name in 2008. The Original Seller seems to have been a big fraud as he seems to have duped lot of people like this, even that we got to know only today, and he is now absconding as he is wanted by law. We do not know who the second party is or have any details to them. The Telangana State Land Records clearly show the property in my name registered in 2005 and then in another parties name in 2008. I want to dispose the property. There is a party, who is aware of this double registration and still willing to buy the property. They are locals from that place and seem to be dealing and buying land in that very property. They are the one's who have document to all the plots in that property and THREW LIGHT ON THE DOUBLE REGISTRATION. So what would be the best course to follow. Please advise. Thanks & Regards Praveen M