Partition deed

Sir, we have six brothers and four sisters We have ancestors property of 22 acre 28 gunta My father passed away in 1988 and we have purchased one more land of 9 acre in 1988 on my elder brother name and this property went in to dispute that seller wife put litagation saying that I don't want to sell after signing all papers in the register office and matter went court this case we won because opponent passed away. My elder brother who has divided ancestors property with six part and four brothers got 4 acres each rest two were elders got 3 acre 14 gunta each and purchased property divided two parts 4.5 acres and has been given to two elder brother after court dispute they should allocate that part. Mean while elder brother has habit of gambling and has debt of 4 lakhs he sold out part of his ancestors property. To me and after court dispute 9 acre land acquired saying that I earned this property. And he went to court saying that my brother's were cheated me I need a part of my land from ancestors property And also I earned 9 acre land so he went court I need total 12 acre land So myself and my brother won a case against elder brother in jmfc court then he went to district court for apeal . Meanwhile elder brother came for compromise we compromised given him 5 acre land and rest got 5 acre I want to know what is the court fees I need to pay for getting order copy Lawyer asking for Rs 50000 in that he need to pay court fees I want to know what is the court fees in this case