Residence issue of wife whose husband dont want to be with her anymore.

Hello, I am the younger brother of X who is married, He doesnt want to live with her wife anymore because she only cares about her own decisions, and he doesnt want her to go for acting , but she wants to and related issues, so she left our home and gone back to her home, now she calls my father some bad words and my father does'nt want her to live in the home,she lived which was his own property and home, My brother(husband) want a divorce but she doesnt want divorce. Now she calls father and told that its legal that i can live in our home, she doesnt need my fathers permission to do so, is it possible? She even harrassed by father by publicly stating some stuffs to our village people and all people started calling father and telling wrongly accused stuffs. in that situation father told my brother to go some where because he cant face her anymore, is there any law saying in house which is my fathers, he should take care of my brothers wife? (if my brother is in home or if he isn't? ) pls help..