Non payment of Maintenance charges by a tenant

Dear sir, In our condominium there is a tenant who has not paid rent for the past 18 months to the owner. Owner of the flat has put up a case in the court to vacate him. Meanwhile owner has issued a letter (on a plain paper) to the society not to collect Maint. charges from the tenant (as per all rent agreements in our condominium, tenant has to pay Maint.charges and receipt is drawn in the name of tenant) and owner would unofficially pay the same in cash which should not be entered in our cash book. Intention of the owner is to make tenant a defaulter of paying maint. charge and society to take further action for non payment by disconnecting power and water supply to the flat.We are very certain that if society asks the tenant he will pay. Now the question is 1. How much legal is the plain paper letter given by the owner stating not to accept maint.charge by tenant? Can society approach the tenant and collect the charges as usual ignoring the letter? 2. Does society has the powers to cut water and electricity supply to the rented flat? All Water bill is paid by the society.