I gave a blank cheque to my Company instead of submitting documen

Hi Sir/Madame, My Name is Anand, I did complete my graduation in 2013 and been searching for a job for 1 1/2 years. At last, I have selected by one company and they kept condition that, I need to sign bond for 2 years and keep my study certificates with them for 2 years as security, I agreed for that and did all the necessary things. Still, they deducted 10% of my salary for the sake of security that in any time i will escape from company. At last, i asked them to release my total salary with no deductions because my family is facing problem due to lack of money and they agreed for that but I need to give them a blank cheque. On that day I was corned and gave the cheque, now I want to leave this company because they are treating me like a shit and not even increasing salary but all my certificates with them including blank cheque. Please Please :-( help me to get out of this hell., Not only me, so many poor students are facing this problem in this country. Please help them to get rid of this problem without any lose.