Inheritance from father

My father bought land with his hard earned money He has 2 sons Eldest one ran away from home, didnot check on the welfare of his parents or younger siblings, brother and sister. Later, his family stayed with his parents but left after 2yrs. Parents put their money in business, which went to loss. And I went to Midlle East. For 1 year and 10 months my entire paycheck was given to my parents. Then after I got married, thereafter, I have been taking care of my parents needs. Meantime my parents decided to expand the house, against our wish. But we had to give money to build. My parents sold a separate piece of land nearby ( which they kept aside for the elder brother, as he was not in any communication with his parents.) After the house was expanded, they wrote a will saying the house and the land transferring it to my name. I paid money to build to build my sister house I have been taking care of my parents My sister's husband died, 2yrs ago. Her daughter is in 12 grade. So one can imagine the needs that will arise in future. About 8ys ago, the property next to ours sold for 18lakhs.( it was similar acre like us) Bythat time ,I paid the same amount to my parents and my sister in cash and kind. Like I said earlier the house/land was transferred to my name and I have been paying tax. I am still supporting my family. Now we are getting many phone calls from relatives, saying that my brother will come after us for his share. To be careful. That he will make problem that we cannot stay there. All the time he left the home, he never looked after the welfare of parents. All this time, I have been supporting my family. And will continue. My question is : will he be able to claim anything from his parents after their death.?