Rent increase @10% for 5 years

Sir/mam, my last rent increment was done on JANUARY 2016 @ 10% FOR 5 Years, but on january 2020 my land lord is telling me to increase again @ 10%, but still 1 years left, she has told us that no 5 years means on 5th running year i have to increase the rent........IS IT TRUE...? My second question is that there is no maintenence land lord provide us we have to do everything by our pocket instead she/he done construction of their floor part and left the garbage , when we raised our voice she/he told us that its her property she can do whatever she like... my grandfather buy our flat in the name of my uncle and we had buy this flat from our uncle in tha name of my mother more than 30 years we are living there we have proper rent bill issued by our landlord in tha name of my mother..........i am physically challenged person due to road accident in 2009 i have lost my right lower there any law for tenant..? Regards, vijay kumar sharma email-id : [deleted]