Shop Agreement

// from the year 2000 we running a shop at kolkata at the ground floor of our housing complex (co-operative society) under a lease agreement on a open tender with rs. 200000 at a time payment and rs. 1000 per month as a donation. agreement made for initially 10years & to be renewed for 10+10 years. renewal should be made after each 10years. but the co-operative society forgot to make this renewal in 2010. we paid our rent regularly to the society till date as per agreement. now they are asking for more rent , as well as fresh agreement like a "leave & licensee" for 11 months. from the month of june 2012 they stop taking rent from us. we already send the amount to the chairman through m.o. as per agreement. they also told that the initial agreement is not legal. this is not possible for me to do so with my limited income. last year (2014) i lost my father, who was the original agreement holder. after death of my father the society forcing me to enter a leave & licensee agreement. this is my only source of income. i will be great full if you suggest me what to do? and what is the exact rule for me? thanks. //